Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another death in a Simplicity Bassinet

New reports have come to light of another death in a Simplicity bassinet. Last September, a four month old strangled in a Simplicity 4 in 1 bassinet when she slipped through the bars on the side of the bassinet that are covered only with fabric. Now it appears a seven month old has died in the same way. KID would recommend that anyone with this product stop using it. CPSC has known about the first death for almost a year and yet has not taken any action -- and now there is another death. For more on bassinet safety, go to our website.


foreverinbluejeans said...

At least 400 infant deaths a year can be attributed to formula. When are they going to take formula off the market? What about all the babies who are miscarried or stillborn because their mother smokes? When are they going to take cigarettes off the market? This is another case of being over concerned about a bad incident and not concerned enough about the things that are major hazards.

Anonymous said...

Hey, foreverinbluejeans,... Do you work for Simplicity or the new shell corp SFCA that bought them & refuses to honor the recall but still sells defective products?!?!? There have been about 4 infant deaths attributed to Simplicity products. My wife and I just returned our Simplicity bassinet and got the money back. I thank God that we never used the "close sleeper" configuration...

400 deaths attributed to formula?!?!? I'm guessing lactose allergic reaction. That's not a product defect. Neither is secondary death from cigarettes. That product is for those who are self-destructive. You put your baby in a crib and catch a little sleep, and you assume that she will be still alive when you get back. If she gets strangled by her crib, THAT is a product defect. After 4 with no honoring of a recall??? I say that borders on negligent homicide.

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