Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Land of Nod recalls 300 drop-side "Rosebud" cribs

CPSC and Land of Nod announced a recall today of 300 "Rosebud" drop-side cribs. The cribs pose (as do most drop-side cribs) a risk of entrapment and suffocation. These cribs were sold in 2003 and 2004. While no injuries or deaths were reported, the company and CPSC cite 13 reports of failing drop-side hardware -- almost 5% of the cribs sold were reported to be faulty. It is not clear from the information released when the reports of failure began to surface and how long this recall was in the works.

We applaud Land of Nod for stepping up to the plate now and providing a full refund ($599) for this dangerous crib. The crib's manufacturer, Status Furniture, is out of business.

If you have this crib, please stop using immediately and find a safe place for your baby to sleep until you can get a new crib.

With over 10 million cribs recalled since 2007, consumers should all check their crib against the CPSC's list of crib recalls. You can find more safety information on cribs on CPSC's Crib Information Center as well as KID's website.

Monday, January 24, 2011

CPSC announces "soft launch" of consumer database

Today on its website, CPSC has begun taking reports of injuries or incidents with dangerous products -- a trial run of their Public Database required under CPSIA. The catch is that this trial (reports prior to March 11, 2011) will not be made public.

CPSC is announcing this soft-launch to test the reporting form and make sure it all runs smoothly for the real launch in March. But even though the reports won't be public, they will be used in CPSC investigations of product hazards.

Businesses can also register to expedite the process of learning about consumer reports and responding.

We'll try to get more information about the process during this trial, but if you have an incident to report -- your child was injured, a toy appears dangerous, etc, please give this new system a try and let KID know what you think in the comments below.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Summer Infant recalls battery from color video baby monitor

Not sure why this is not posted yet on CPSC, but both Babies"R"Us and Summer Infant have it posted on their websites:

Summer Infant recalls the batteries from their Slim and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor. The battery can overheat and rupture -- the company has five reports of incidents involving some property damage, but no injuries.

The batteries are in video monitors sold from June 09 through May 10 and there is more information at Summer Infant's website about identifying affected units. Those who have the affected units can get a replacement battery from the company.

This is the second recall since August of overheating or malfunctioning monitors. The last recalls were in 2003. It appears that this might be a product class that needs additional scrutiny -- no one wants a fire or even a rupturing battery in a nursery! CPSC also issued an alert about monitor cord hazards last year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Remembering Andy Sage

This weekend, KID honors the memory of Andy Sage. Andy suffocated on a sleep positioner in January 2002. Since then, his parents have been committed to warning others of the dangers of this product. Just last year, CPSC and FDA finally warned parents about what the Sages and KID had been saying for years -- sleep positioners are dangerous and an unnecessary product. After that warning, manufacturers stopped making the product (we hope!) and they are no longer available on most retailer's shelves. But many are still in use or circulation and we urge parents to stop using this deadly product. As with bumpers, pillows and comforters, soft bedding has no place in a crib.

Andy left behind not only his parents, but a twin brother and a little sister he never got to meet. Andy's family members have been strong supporters of KID, holding several New York based events to raise awareness. Judy Sage, his mom, serves on our board of directors. Because of the Sages' efforts, babies now sleep safer.

And there is another legacy as well. When Andy's grandmother died in 2008, the family directed memorial gifts to KID. With those, KID launched the Debby Sayah Grandparent Outreach Program. This project recognizes the important role grandparents play and gives them the tools they need to keep their beloved grandchildren safe.

So join us this weekend in honoring Andy's memory. Share our life saving resources with the grandparents in your child's life and learn more about safe sleep.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alert to Child Care Providers: Information on new crib requirements

With the new crib standards from CPSC published in the Federal Register last month, dates are now firm for compliance. The effective date of the standard is June 28, 2011. By that date all cribs sold -- new or used -- must meet the new standard. We'll be watching for word from retailers and manufacturers who might meet that threshold sooner. The mandatory standards only contain a very few changes from the voluntary industry standard that is already in effect.

Because of the nature of cribs -- children spend long hours, often unattended or at least assumed to be safe, in them -- additional requirements are added to this standard. Any crib in a public accomodation -- hotel, guest house or child care facility -- must also meet the new standard. But CPSC extended that date by 18 months, giving facilities until December 28, 2012 to comply. Again, we'll be watching for word from providers or larger chains who may comply sooner. Facilities using mesh sided portable cribs are not affected by this provision, although these cribs should be checked against the CPSC recall list and for any wear and tear damage that might make them unsafe.

This requirement might seem overwhelming to child care providers and there may be confusion about how to make sure the cribs currently being used are safe and how to comply with the new requirement by the deadline.

KID wants to help. We will be updating this blog regularly with information for providers and working with allies in the child care field to make sure all providers learn of the new standards and requirements and are given the information they need to comply.

We will also develop an email listserve just on child care and product safety issues, including the crib standards. To join this list, sign up here.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Congrats to former KID staffer Genny Kirk

Genny and her husband Hector Hernandez welcomed little Ana Maria on December 30. She joins big brother Mateo. Genny and Hector live in Rwanda now and you can follow their adventures here. We love hearing about child rearing in another place from Genny. She was one of the first full-time staffers at KID and helped put in place many of the office systems, outreach programs and communications we still use today!

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