Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fisher Price announces recall of Simplicity Rainforest Play yard

Did you perhaps move your child to a play yard to sleep after your crib was recalled? If so, check that it isn't a Rainforest Portable Play yard, made by Simplicity and their successor SFCA, Inc, but sold under the Fisher Price name. Lacking any response from SFCA, Fisher Price recalled 200,000 play yards because of side rail collapses that can lead to fall or entrapment hazards. CPSC has 1,350 (!) reports of side rail collapses and numerous injuries including bruises, cuts requiring stitches, broken bones, a concussion and a chipped tooth. Side rail collapse also creates an entrapment hazard, similar to how Danny Keysar and seventeen other children have died since 1991.

It appears there might be other Simplicity play yards sold under their own name or others that might have the same flaw. Given the unresponsive nature of the company to their product hazards, KID recommends that all retailers stop selling any Simplicity products and that consumers discontinue the use of these products. We call on CPSC to recall or issue a warning on all Simplicity play yards that have the same hazard.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't exactly how it could happen, but I bought this exactly model and I can tell: my son played in it just right, every night since he is 6 months until today (he's 25 months) and everything is fine, the only thing I can say about it is that my child ragged the net in the corner, but well, now we have change to a little bed, not a problem with this product.

Kids In Danger said...

If you have this recalled product, you should participate in the recall. Even if your child wasn't injured, it doesn't mean the product isn't dangerous. Recalls are like landmines -- some children use them with no injury, but you never know when the product will fail, often with disastrous results. In this recall, Fisher Price is offering a replacement or refund, allowing consumers to get a new safer product while taking a dangerous one out of use.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was not aware of this recall until recent getting ready to move out and plan to sell it, would F&P still honer the recall even it's 2011 now?

Kids In Danger said...

Yes, follow the instructions in the recall notice and Fisher Price will still honor the recall remedy. Let us know if you have any problems or other questions.

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