Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LaJobi recalls 4,900 Bonavita and Babi Italia cribs in two recalls

LaJobi and CPSC announced two recalls today for 4,900 cribs.

First, 2,000 Bonavita "Cabana" cribs were recalled for slat failure -- the slats can come loose and/or break. LaJobi had ten reports of slats coming out of the rails and six reports of slats breaking.

Also, 2,900 Babi Italia "Pinehurst" cribs and Bonavita "Hudson" cribs were recalled for drop side failures. The spring pins in the dropside mechanisms can come out, causing the side to detach and presenting an entrapment hazard. LaJobi had 33 reports of the pin failing, including two entrapments and one child falling out of the crib.

For the Cabana crib with the slat failures, consumers should stop using the crib immediately and contact LaJobi for replacement side rails.

For the Hudson and Pinehurst cribs, consumers should stop using the crib immediately and contact LaJobi. The company will arrange for professional technicians to provide an in-home retrofit.

KID is very interested in hearing from consumers about their experience with these recall remedies. Post in the comments below with your experience or send an email.


Honeychka said...

I went on LaJobi website, I have pinehurst crib. It says that they will mail me a free retrofit kit, it said nothing about the technician. Will update once I receive the kit.

Kids In Danger said...

Please let us know. The recall notice clearly states a technician will do the repair -- perhaps the instructions for arranging that will come with the kit.

Anonymous said...

We just purchased one of these cribs from a friend, and had no idea about the recall. Hopefully the manufacturer will still honor the recall and provide us with the retrofit parts/technician.

Kids In Danger said...

The manufacturer must honor the recall no matter who currently has the crib -- no receipts needed. Let us know if you have any difficulty. And just a reminder, when you are buying used baby goods, check at CPSC.gov to make sure it hasn't been recalled.

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