Thursday, June 24, 2010

More than 2.2 million cribs recalled after dozens of injuries

Please, despite the frequency, don't become indifferent to hearing about crib recalls. Each recall represents thousands of cribs currently being used in homes across America -- putting millions of babies at risk every night.

Today's announcement of 7 (!) more manufacturers whose cribs have proven unsafe is just the last in a long line of recalls -- and don't be surprised if more recalls are still to come.

Some notes on today's recalls:

  • The danger on these cribs isn't just drop-side failures. They also involve several with fixed side rail dangers and mattress support problems. And these are just a portion of the almost 10 million cribs recalled in the last four years, so whatever you do, check your crib against the recall list today.
  • While CPSC says the recalls represent 2.2 million cribs, one of the recalls just lists the number of cribs recalled as "unknown." With a major manufacturer and a ten year span, that is a substantial "unknown." This particular company was recently bought by another: perhaps poor record keeping can be blamed in part?? Another recall just notes 'all' of the companies cribs using wooden stabilizer bars are included without giving a number. So perhaps the total number is closer to 3 million.
  • The only bright note is that if you have a Childcraft recalled crib, you will get a rebate coupon to use toward the purchase of a new crib rather than the immobilizer given out by the other firms. KID believes in cases of sleep environment recalls, refunds or replacement products should be given, rather than a hardware repair kit -- after all in most instances, it is the hardware that failed in the first place.
So, what should parents do who have drop-side cribs? Check out this CPSC blog post and video or our earlier post on drop-side cribs for more information. In general, avoid drop-side cribs when possible and don't pass them down to family or friends.

Thankfully, things are changing in the crib world. Due to pressure from consumers and the media, a re-invigorated CPSC and intensive work by everyone involved, ASTM's new crib standard includes more stringent testing for durability and a ban on the dangerous drop-side design. By the end of 2010, CPSC vows to have a strong mandatory standard in place.

Cribs are the one product intended to be safe enough to leave a baby unattended all night (once they sleep that long anyway!). The new standard can't come soon enough.

Specific recalls links:

Childcraft Fixed Side: 4 entrapments
Childcraft Drop-side: "unknown", 7 incidents, 2 injuries
Jardine: 130,000, 47 incidents, 10 injuries
Evenflo: 750,000, 31 incidents, 12 injuries or falls
Million Dollar Baby: 156,000, 43 incidents, 11 injuries or falls
LaJobi: 306,000, 40 incidents, 1 injury
Delta: at least 747,000, 76 incidents, 6 injuries or entrapments
Simmons: 50,000, 30 incidents, 5 entrapments or injuries

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