Friday, February 11, 2011

Summer Infant recalls video baby monitor for burns AND strangulation hazard

We posted a few weeks ago a recall that mysteriously showed up on the manufacturer's site (Summer Infant) and on Toys"R"Us, but not on CPSC's list of recalls. Many parents get their news of recalls from CPSC -- without that listing, parents using the product might be unaware of the dangers.

So today CPSC did list the recall for overheating batteries in Summer Infant Slim & Secure Baby Video Monitors. Summer Infant will provide new battery units for affected units.

But in addition, CPSC listed a recall of most Summer Infant baby monitors for cord strangulation hazards. Summer Infant will provide new instructions and warning labels to let parents know that a monitor should never be placed within three feet of a crib.

We'll have more on this, but wanted to get the links out -- here is CPSC's warning on monitor cord dangers.

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