Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Local, national efforts to ban drop-side cribs

Wayne Horsley, a member of New York's Suffolk County legislature, has been spearheading a local effort to ban the sale of dangerous drop-side cribs. The drop-side design has been responsible for dozens of infant deaths and thousands of injuries throughout the nation.

The Suffolk legislature will vote on the proposal October 13th, the same day that ASTM (a national industry standards body) is due to make their own ruling. You may learn more about the national issue by visiting the Chicago Tribune's article.

If you are a resident of Suffolk County and would like to express your support for the safety ban, you may contact your local representative at the legislature's website. Make it known how you feel about your child’s safety.


Justice said...

If the drop-side crib was banned before I purchased it, my son Tyler would be alive today. Let's get a National ban in place. Then we can replace "Cash for Clunkers" with "Dollars for Drop-sides"
This link is for the over 180 parents whom have lost their child in a drop-side deathtrap...

Kids In Danger said...

Justice, thanks so much for your efforts to keep other babies safe. This video is a must see for parents and safety advocates.

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